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Last night we stayed at The Rosebery Supercity Aparthotel. An Aparthotel is a mixture of an ‘Apartment’ and ‘Hotel’ and I’ve stayed in a ‘Roomzzz‘ one up in Manchester before. It’s a bit odd being in a hotel room that has a full kitchen and living room area. The Studio Suite we stayed at comprised of a Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom.

The kitchen is lovely and contains a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, hob, fridge, kettle, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, cooking utensils and best of all… a Nespresso Machine. The idea with these places is that you can stay for a couple of nights and it’s like a home from home.


20130822_180817The Living Room was light and airy and had a sofa, table and chairs, a desk, iPod Dock / Speaker, phone and a 32″ Smart TV. There is also a touch screen control panel in the wall to change the room temperature and lights; you can even access a camera to the front door of the Aparthotel with an ‘unlock’ button to let people in. So many HDTVs in hotels don’t actually have any HD channels, so it’s nice to see them here! The desk has several empty power sockets and there are even connections to plug a laptop or gaming console / HDMI device into the TV too. Geek heaven! The only downside to the living area is that it doesn’t have any proper curtains; there are voile drapes to keep prying eyes out, but they don’t block out everything.


The bedroom is lovely.  It was very simple with just a bed, bedside tables, small built in cupboard, lamps and a chair. There are spare power sockets next to both sides of the bed – so many hotels (even new ones) don’t have them! The carpet is amazing – you can actually feel your feet sinking in it’s so deep! The king size bed is SUPER COMFY too. I’m very fussy with beds but this one is definitely the best bed I’ve slept in at a hotel. The downside to the bedroom is that it is missing two things: a TV – it’s not the end of the world because you have the lounge TV, but it would have been nice, and the other is a door.  There is just an archway through to the Living Room, so in the morning, the light comes flooding in as there aren’t any curtains. Also a door would stop provide a noise barrier (no.. not for that!). We discovered this at 5am this morning when the horrible family in the room next door were checking out with their screaming children, constantly banging their door. The sound seems to come straight into the bedroom, but at least a door would provide some kind of barrier.

The Bathroom was lovely, all very swish and new but the shower was a bit rubbish, it really needed to be higher up the wall, or be a ‘rain shower’ head, the angle and height was just a bit ‘out’. Still, I’m being picky as there was very little else at fault.

The Rosebery Supercity Aparthotel is a lovely place to stay. I really liked it, the only ‘meh’ about it is the lack of breakfast. Whilst the facilities are there to MAKE a breakfast, it’d be nice if there was some kind of ‘grab and go’ style breakfast like they have at the Roomzzz place we stayed in. There they had a selection of pastries and fruit with a hot drink machine for you to pick what you wanted and take to your room, or eat on your way out. Nothing like that at the Rosebery – we had to grab a McDonalds (never mind! 😉 ) although there was a bowl of apples on the table in our room, but who wants just an apple for breakfast?

A few niggles aside, the Rosebery Supercity Aparthotel is fab; it’s got a lovely ‘quality’ feel to it, and is certainly somewhere I’d stay again.

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