Well – I do get myself into some scrapes – some of them negative, but this is a positive one – MASSIVELY so!

I’ve been picked as One Blogger out of SIX in the UK who MIGHT win a trip to Berlin NEXT WEEK. I’ve never done anything like this before, and honestly it terrifies me – but here’s the deal.

I need to accumulate as many votes as possible before 6pm on Monday 2nd September. If I do, on THURSDAY I’ll be flown to Berlin to the IFA 2013 where I’ll be on the Harman stand and be an AKG Insider. This means I’ll get a sneaky look at all the new shiny toys from JBL and Harman (and bag some of them to review too!) I’ll be able to interview the AKG Experts and Designers, see some Live DJ Performances, and attend an Invite Only Press Dinner.

This is a BIG deal to me, and I REALLY want to win – I think it’ll be a bit of a hoot, AND I’ll be able to bring you lot some awesome content. I’ve got an appointment at the Passport Office on Tuesday to get a new passport on standby, so I’m super keen to win. Please, please spare me a vote, everyone who votes for me will receive a free bar of chocolate*. Voting is simple and via a Facebook App (which DOESN’T work on phones). So..

(I’m at the bottom)

*aside – they won’t

3 thoughts on “Help me be an AKG Insider and win a trip to Berlin – NEXT WEEK!

    • the faster car in the world says:

      Do you find in your research that some leaders can easily flow between more than two of these styles? In my position, supervisors have very little contact with the 150 employees they supervise. How can you apply this theory when you have no time to tailor your approach to communicating with the individual?

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