The pavement on our road has been going to pot for a while now – I first reported the problem to Essex Highways at the end of 2012. Via their ‘report a problem‘ tool. For some reason, the original report went wonky and seemed to report on a road miles away. I left it and put it down as ‘one of those things’ and wondered about reporting it again at some point. I think an HGV drove over the pavement and destroyed it, leaving it looking like this..


It was a big pain walking down the road with a buggy before, but now – it was impossible, not to mention we have sheltered housing for the elderly nearby, and the poor bastards have to shuffle along it!

I reported the problem again, and it seemed to work, men came out and fenced off the dodgy area, then a week or so later some other men came and marked what looks like where they plan to replace the pavement. But then.. nothing. It’s been fenced off for over two months, and nothing has happened. I went to look at the ‘job’ reference on the website and found it had been marked as ‘completed’.


Want to see the completed repair?


That is it.. The completed repair by Essex Highways is fencing off the damage. BRILLIANT. Bravo ECC!

2 thoughts on “How Essex County Council / Essex Highways ‘Repair’ a Pavement

  1. Alex Walsh says:

    I’ve seen a flatbed pull up to a pot hole, a bloke get off and put a shovel full of tarmac in the pot hole, stamp it down a few times with his steel toe capped boots then drive off. Quality.

    • Kip Hakes says:

      TBF they seems to be shit hot on the potholes around here, the local MPs have given them a kicking for it. The pavements though are dire, I think it’s been made worse when we had Cable installed in the 90’s, they just dug channels down the roads and roughly filled them in, instead of going over the whole thing. Shame really!

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