Brighton based Ring got in touch and offered to make me a set of Custom Made Photo Cufflinks. They were able to produce individual cufflinks with different images, so I decided to have one with a picture of J, and the other with a picture of G. They arrived today.


You can choose between round or square and silver or gold coloured, I don’t really like gold jewellery, so opted for the silver. After just over a week they arrive and came in a lovely presentation case, I’m really pleased with them! Price wise, they are £30 a set, they really are fantastic value and would make an awesome gift! They also have a special offer where you get 2 pairs for £44 at the moment, I might have to get a few for Christmas presents!

I don’t normally wear formal shirts that require cufflinks, but we’ve got  wedding at the end of the month, so it seems like a perfect time to wear them!

Thanks for the photo cufflinks, Ring!

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