So yesterday I won a competition – the prize? A ticket to *the* parent blogger awards – The MAD Blog Awards 2013! How did I win? Well you had to tweet a picture of something MAD, either yourself, or a family member, whatever really – I tried to think of the maddest photo of me, this one pretty much sums it up –


Me, with no eyebrows, and tinsel for hair.

I won!

So whilst it’s fabulous I get to go off to a swanky hotel next Friday night for a meal, and alcohol (copious amounts of) and see the awards (that I’m still not entirely happy about the ‘voting’ process). It’s also a bit MAD in itself – I really struggle meeting new people at the best of times, but a room of my blogging peers, of whom I know about three? Fuck. That’s crazy! I will go, I will meet people, I will talk to them, I might need a swig of something alcoholic ala Raj from Big Bang Theory, but I shall! (I hope!)

Next is the question of what to wear, normally, I look like me.. Primark T-Shirt, pair of jeans from Next – BOSH. Obviously I *might* upgrade that to a shirt if the occasion is a bit more formal, but that’s my limit. Looking at the photos of previous years though, it looks like everyone makes an effort, heck there are even blog posts dedicated to what people are wearing. As much as I can be a knob, it would probably be a bit disrespectful to rock up looking like I’m going to a gig when everyone else has put time, thought and effort into their attire.

Urgh. I have smart stuff, ish, mostly cheap suits brought out for funerals, or weddings – none I’m REALLY pleased with. Urgh. I’ve got a week to sort it! I might just resort to the #prrequest hashtag

‘I’d like a suit, I NEED a suit #prrequest’ 😉

It will all be fine Kip *rocks gently in the corner*

12 thoughts on “I’m going slightly MAD!

  1. Emma says:

    Well done on winning! My MAD pics were a little too extreme to enter 😉
    Have a great evening, I recommend Debenhams for nice shirt and tie sets x

  2. Steph Curtis says:

    I need to know, have the eyebrows grown back yet?! Looking forward to meeting you on Friday and seeing the shiny suit.. And hope you’re on my table so I can bend your ear about the fab design of your blog!

    • Kip Hakes says:

      LOL Yes.. Took 6 months and they were never quite the same again. LOL – If I’m not, buy me a drink after the formalities and you can bend away 😉

  3. Victoria Welton says:

    Well done on winning sir! I’d be interested to see if you get so drunk that you start discussing the voting process with everyone! 😉 See you on Friday – I’ll be the one in the very loud multi-coloured dress!

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