I’ve been with Virgin Media for 18 months+ now, which means I’m out of my contract with them. I’ve got one of the highest packages for TV (XL) and Broadband (120Mb), the Standard Phone Line plus a Tivo and a bedroom V HD Box. This comes in at around £72 a month. Which isn’t that bad value for money really.

I had a little look at what a comparable package from Sky, and it was coming in at £67.75 for 6 months, and then £74 ish after (and I’d get £100+ Cashback from Quidco too). But – Virgin Media are the only people doing anything NEAR 120Mb Broadband at the moment, and it’s pretty flipping awesome too! So really, I couldn’t see myself switching. Thing is, they don’t know that. I rang up to ‘leave’ Virgin – They do make it very tricky to do this, the leaving option on 150 is actually hidden in the home moving menu! So you call 150, Press 5 and then 3 to speak to someone. I was on the phone for about 30 seconds and instantly had £10 removed from my bill each month if I stay for another 12 months. She then told me the Caller Display would be free too (that’s £2 a month!).

So in a few minutes, I’ve saved myself £144 for the next 12 months, which will do just fine!

4 thoughts on “The phone call that saved me £144 with Virgin Media

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Well done!! I’ve done that with Sky before and got money off the bill & free movies for a month…hehehe

  2. Emma says:

    Just goes to show what a difference a quick call can make!
    Thankfully my package with sky is about £60 otherwise Id be shopping about too x

  3. Emma @ Helvetia Handmade says:

    Well done! I tried to do that with sky, customer for over 10 years and they offered me… a HD box but no HD channels!! No price reduction, so I left and went to virgin.

  4. Sue Cope says:

    We got an iPad mini from 3 for threatening to cancel our data plan on our iPad. We have to pay the contract fees but no upfront cost which suited us fine. Did the same with Sky a couple of years ago and got half price for a year. About time I gave them another call as I’m after a 2TB box…..

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