My local Sales group on Facebook does make me chuckle (and cringe), today, a lady wants a bit of tech, NOW and for not much money.


Wonder if they want Jam on it too?

4 thoughts on “WANTED – Moon on a Stick (Must Deliver)

  1. Alex Walsh says:

    It’s like the people on our Freecycle group that want Xbox 360’s and PS3’s. They’re having a laugh.

  2. geekmummy says:

    This is why I left our local Freecycle group. It was full of stuff like that. I get the “if you don’t ask, you won’t get”, but it just seems like some people take the proverbial.

  3. Rachel Gully says:

    I rarely used Facebook selling groups for that exact reason (and the fact that most of the ones local to me you have friend request them – er no thanks!). Like GeekMummy – I understand the “don’t ask don’t get” but to ask for one that cheap, with a sim card and for them to deliver it to her? Taking the P!$$

  4. justanormalmummy says:

    Ha – I get really pissed off with my local one… half the time people ask completely ridiculous questions, don’t turn up and when they ask do they start haggling… I PUT IT ON AT THAT PRICE BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT I’M SELLING IT FOR NOW TAKE IT OR F@*K OFF. lol 😉

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