I do like to moan, if customer service or the quality of goods aren’t up to a standard that I think they should be, I’ll let the whole world know hoping that it will improve in the future. Sometimes it works – remember Next and the case of the Melting Shirt ? They sent me a shirt that melted under the iron (despite it being ironed at a very low temperature), after my blog post they got in touch and sorted it out for me after I hit a brick wall with one of their ‘Phone Droids’.

I want to open the blog up a little to give YOU (yes YOU) a platform to moan about something, even if you’re not a blogger! If you can write it all up in around 400 words and ideally making some kind of sense and some points – I’ll get it on here for everyone to see! I can’t promise we’ll get it sorted, but shouting about it might do some good, and alert others to your woe. Think of it like a blog version of ‘Don’t get Done, Get Dom’ but with a slightly less annoying twonk at the helm! 🙂

Anyway, if you want to take part, drop me a line somehow and we’ll get this thing going!

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