I was recently invited to the Boundary Rooftop for a ‘Breakfast with Joolz’ event. You may not have heard of the Joolz brand, based in Amsterdam, they make gorgeous travel systems.

I was invited along as the strollers are designed to be ‘male friendly’, possibly because the company was founded by a guy! The whole collection, Joolz Day, Joolz Day Earth, Joolz Day Studio and Joolz Day Studio Tailor are easy on the eye, the design is fiendishly clever and it’s all very straightforward to operate, even for a rookie like me! The handles go up VERY high and adjust easily for anyone using it. I love how ‘clean’ they look, it’s all very minimalist – far too many travel systems are awash with fabric, netting, and *stuff*, not so on the Joolz strollers – it’s simple elegance all round.


The natty design elements are everywhere, even the packaging – the cardboard boxes actually turn into little toys too!


The colour ways available on the Joolz Day Tailor range are just awesome – there are so many options. The Joolz products certainly aren’t cheap, although perhaps not as expensive as you might think for such a premium product.

The RRP’s are –

Joolz Day : £699
Joolz Day Earth: £729
Joolz Day Studio: £749
Joolz Day Studio Tailor: £999

As I say, not cheap, but considering the versatility and quality, you’re certainly getting what you pay for!

It was really good to catch up with some of my blogging friends too, An Essex Wife, My Buggy Junction, Rock N Roller Baby and New Mum Online. J had tonnes of fun playing with their kids and generally ‘flirting’ with all the PR team from Joolz!


I had a little road test with J in one of the strollers. They move beautifully and glide around with ease, even when pushed ‘one handed’. J really seemed to enjoy himself, the slightly ‘raised’ view over his normal ‘Maclaren’ level seemed to go down a treat! So much so he actually cried when I took him out!


It was a great morning getting to know the Joolz team and product range, I’m hoping to do some more with them in the future because I really think these are excellent travel systems!


One thought on “Breakfast with Joolz

  1. NewMumOnline says:

    Great to see you blog about the event – I still haven’t – yikes! It’s an event I wished I brought Aaron to as he would have had a laugh with the others. As it was, I ran off and left you all, so as to collect him from nursery. Thanks for the link. Will return the favour when I finally do my post – I did do a you tube vid though, which took me a few hours. L x

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