In a week that’s been pretty odd on the celebrity front already, I’ve had some incredible news…

Me and G are going to MEET Dick and Dom after watching a Gala performance of Spamalot next weekend! Yes, I’m 32 years old, and probably shouldn’t be QUITE so excited about the prospect of meeting children’s TV stars, BUT IT’S BLOODY DICK AND DOM!!

The cheeky duo are starring in the show as King Arthur and Patsy from the 2nd December for six weeks over the Christmas and New Year festive period at the Playhouse Theatre on Northumberland Avenue. I must admit I’ve been keen to see Spamalot for a while now as I’m a massive Python Fan and this is the perfect opportunity! I wonder if G and me can get away with a game of ‘BOGIES!’ during the performance?! 🙂

I honestly can’t wait to see it, I’ve heard good things, especially from Whatleydude who got a brief part in it earlier this year (lucky bastard!)

And here is the follow up post, about me telling G and a review of the show..

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