So yeah, I buggered up my back at the weekend – and I’m still suffering.

Good news is, it’s getting better.

It all came to a head on Tuesday, I woke up when the baby started moaning down the baby monitor, I was DETERMINED to get up and sort him out and give Loz a bit of a lie in (we normally alternate days, but she’s been doing it constantly since my back went). I creeped my body into what felt like a comfortable position, slowly stood, and as my body weight hit the soles of my feet, I could feel the muscles in my back ‘scream’ and tense up, the pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt. I tried to find something to hold on to as I cried out in pain, there was nothing, I fell back on the bed. The commotion woke Loz up and she rescued the now very upset J, and I felt so useless and helpless.

The tablets didn’t really seem to be touching the pain, or easing the spasms, it wasn’t very nice at all.

Loz and I discussed some other treatment, I remembered Mum had seen someone in Chelmsford when her back was buggered, I called her and got the details, but she mentioned that in a recent back episode she had she’d been to an osteopath and it had really helped. I found the nearest one to me on Google that had some good reviews – The Rochford Road Clinic, a session would be £50 and they could see me that afternoon.

I went there not really knowing what to expect, the first 15 minutes or so we just chatted about how I’d hurt my back, what was hurting, when it was hurting, what meds I’d been given etc. She then tested my movement to see what hurt and how far I could stretch, one of the moves she got me doing was standing against the wall, and trying to raise my left leg, I just couldn’t do it without it making me holla out in agony. She then did a range of manipulation and massage, which didn’t really hurt, but she warned me I’d probably ache for a few days after, I was told to make sure I wasn’t on my feet too long, or sitting down for too long, and to apply a cold compress to the painful area at least 3 times a day.

The day after, I woke up, and ever so gently eased out of bed, it still hurt, but not the breathtaking agony, just a bit of an ‘ow’ and it slowly feels that it’s getting better. Loz was able to go to the trade show she missed out on yesterday, and I actually looked after J again on my own! It’s been hard picking him up, and putting him on the changing table, and his low feeding chair is a bit of a ‘No No’, but generally, I’m on the mend! It really couldn’t come soon enough, I’m up in Liverpool on Monday / Tuesday with JBL, and then up to Bolton to see some Cosatto shiny shiny on Thursday!

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