Nokia are a company that know how to do PR, their ‘Nokia Connects’ team are some of the nicest people you’ll meet and seem passionate about the brand and the customers. You probably saw my post about my upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Three UK earlier in the week, In short, when ordering my upgrade there was mention of a free accessory pack (worth £150), the phone arrived without it. When I queried I was told it was for pre-orders only, and despite the phone being out for a month the pack shouldn’t have still been on the site – it WAS though.

Three UK have been, well, less than helpful, they’ve told me to make a complaint (I have) and apparently I’ll have a response in 72 hours (48 hours on – nothing).

Nokia though, who haven’t actually done anything wrong, have offered me an Accessory Pack! How nice is that? The phone is still sat in it’s box, the seal unbroken, I want to crack it open and take photos, but I can’t help but think I shouldn’t ‘support’ Three for another 2 years by them miss-selling something. I’ve had my contract with them for years, but I will vote with my feet. I rang them up early to chase the returns envelope and discuss the possibility of a small reduction in the ‘up front’ cost if I decided to keep the device.

They wouldn’t – apparently the phones are at their lowest prices possible as it’s nearly Christmas?!

Da Fuq?

I dunno – I feel bad for Nokia cleaning up Three UK’s mess.. :-/

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