I’m starting to ‘put myself’ about more and go to more blogging events, I’m being asked for my ‘Card’. I’ve never really thought about getting ‘business’ cards for my blog done, I’ve got loads for my company, but none for my blog. Loz recently got some made for her work and used Moo.com to get them. Moo have been around for years, and so many people raved about how good they are, but I’ve never actually used them.

Loz’s experience with Moo was extremely favourable, the website seemed easy to use and the cards arrived quickly and looked FAB.

I decided that I should pull my finger out and get some blog business cards of my own, and I thought I’d give them a whirl. First off, if you go via Quidco as a new customer you get £5 Cashback. If you’re a complete novice with designing stuff, Moo makes it incredibly easy to design a fabulous looking card. I wanted my cards to look very specific, so I downloaded an Adobe Illustrator template and created my designs.

Moo are a little different to most printing places and have something called ‘Printfinty‘ which allows you to have one of the sides of your card the same, but on the other side you can have as many variations as you like. I decided to use some of the awesome photography from Tracy Morter on the back of my cards. I ordered 100 of their Classic Business Cards on Thursday Night, they were dispatched on Friday, and arrived on Monday! I didn’t even choose the ‘Rush’ option, just the Courier shipping option – you can get them sent via Royal Mail, or collect them from their store in London!

I was REALLY pleased with the results –



If you want to give Moo.com a try, you can get 10% off your first order by visiting via here

One thought on “Upping my Blogging Game with some cards from Moo

  1. Kelly Finn says:

    They look awesome! I’ve just ordered some myself from vistaprint. If they are crap I’m looking here.

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