After a drought of soft play places in Chelmsford, there seems to be a little revival of late; first Kids and Koffee, then Mace Playce (I’ve not been there YET!) and now ‘Rocky’s Fun House’. There are several ‘Rocky Group’ soft play places across the county, and their Chelmsford location is the newest.

It only opened Tuesday this week and being at a loose end on Friday morning, I decided to take J down to check it out.


Handily situated on Rainsford Road, just a bit down from The County Hotel, Rocky’s Fun House is in one of the new units where Club Zeus used to stand. It’s all shiny and new and a great sized unit for a Soft Play area. There is a small area for 2-5 year olds and then a bigger area at the back for 5-8 year olds (up to 140cm). It’s certainly bigger than Kids and Koffee, but probably more aimed at older children than its rival.



J had a fabulous time there and it happily kept him entertained for an hour and a half. The prices are reasonable too; it’s £2 for under twos and £3.50 (I think!) for over. The food and drink selection is pretty vast and the prices similar to what you’d pay in Starbucks (perhaps less) for the Tea and Coffee.

Going to somewhere just opened isn’t without teething troubles. They don’t currently take card payments and the coffee machine wasn’t working, but that didn’t stop them from knocking me up a nice Latte!  As a soft play though, I couldn’t fault it. I really loved the massive slide; I wish J was more interested in it as I wanted a go!

Anyway, give Rocky’s Fun House in Chelmsford a go and drop a comment below about your experience!

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