I sat looking at J today, he’s going to be 20 months old in January, not much further off the big TW-O.

It feels just days since he was like this..


Now he’s uhm.. Yeah. Bigger.



He really is a massive child – so bloody tall – some of his 18-24 month clothes are showing signs of being too small, he’s a giant. I’m really proud of how well he’s shaping up, he’s generally very well behaved, he’ll happily walk out of his buggy with minimal running off. Also he is so good at just ‘sitting’ at restaurants and coffee places, we often get comments from passers by saying how well behaved he is!

He’s such a caring little soul too, he’s very loving and alway happy to dish out hugs and kisses with an accompanying ‘Ahhhhhh’. He likes to help tidying up, putting his chair away, or darting out to the kitchen to put his plate away. He can’t quite reach the side, so, as you can see below, he’ll just improvise.


He probably doesn’t talk as much as most other kids his age, but he’s trying, and getting there. His most recent words are.. ‘A CAR’ and ‘TREE’ – whenever we’re out, you’ll quite often hear a little voice exclaiming.. ‘A CARRRRR!!’ and ‘TREEEEEEEEEEEEE!’, we’re just a ‘SHOP’ and ‘BABY JESUS’ away from this.

His talking might not be there, but his understanding is outstanding – he seems to understand EVERYTHING. He knows not to touch anything hot, if we tell him something is hot, he’ll put his hand near it (to test) and make a ‘OT!’ sound and not go near it after. What he lacks in talking, he certaintly makes up for in understanding. He’s really starting to enjoy stuff on TV, his favourite show is ‘Swashbuckle’, the mererst hint of the theme tune has him scrambling to find it, where he’ll start marching, and doing the ‘Swashbuckle Salute’ – EYEPATCH! (puts hand on eye) PIRATEHAT! (hand on head) and the Swashbuckle Cheer (AhhhhHAAAAAA!) It’s VERY cute. I’ve a funny feeling he’ll have a pirate birthday party!

I’m very proud of both my little monsters, and I don’t even want to start to comprehend the fact G will be ELEVEN next year (*cries*).

2 thoughts on “Bloody hell, I’ve nearly got a 2 year old!!

  1. Ella Ralph says:

    Ahh bless love this post!! I know the feeling! He sounds so much like Oliver, such lovely well behaved little men 🙂 Oliver probably talks less that a lot of his similar aged peers as well but totally agree with you on the level of understanding – i reckon they’ve got it all ‘up there’ and just don’t want to waste words hehe! x

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