Product – Antler Camden – Large Suitcase
Price – £149 RRP – £134 (Amazon)

The nice people at Antler sent me one of their large suitcases from their Camden Luggage collections to review, most of Loz’s family are oop North, so quite often we go and spend a few days up there. I thought it would probably be best to use the suitcase a few times to get a feel for it, cramming it full of stuff, chucking it in and out of the car and wheeling it around. You know what?

It’s bloody awesome.

But, let me explain why.

20130828_133136Antler make a whole range of brilliant luggage, the Camden range is described as ‘Inspired by one of London’s most eclectic towns this mobile, stylish range will bring out your true individuality’. It’s available in a range of colours Pink, Tangerine, Lime and Charcoal, all are made with a tough high shine polycarbonate that provides protection and strength. I love the 3D square effect on it, it’s very elegant and understated. On the base are 4 x 360 degree rotating wheels, which are utter luggage porn in themselves, they glide beautifully across surfaces, and make manoeuvring it around a joy.


On the side is a TSA combination lock that the two zips lock into, you set the combination yourself and it works flawlessly each time, there is a carry handle should you wish to hold the suitcase in a ‘landscape’ position. On top of the Suitcase you have another carry handle, and the extending handle to help wheeling it about, the up / down mechanism of the extending handle is fabulous – it’s never missed a beat or got stuck.

Inside of the suitcase is lined with a ‘London’ inspired fabric and you’ve got standard stretchy packing straps on one side, and a mesh pocket on the other side. you can leave the mesh unzipped and use the full 122 litre capacity. Something I did, when coming home was put all the ‘washing’ in the mesh pocket to keep it away from the clean stuff, genius! The luggage also comes complete with a 10 Year Guarantee, which is what you’d expect for such a premium suitcase.

Whilst it’s not cheap, it’s a wonderful product, and with a 10 year guarantee, if you travel a lot the hard waring polycarbonate shell will keep looking great – mine’s been in and out of the car and around a few hotels, it looks brand new! If you’re after some new luggage I cannot recommend the Antler Camden collection enough, it rightly deserves a place on the ‘Top 10 of Awesome in 2013’, the only problem is, I have to save up for the Camden Cabin Suitcase. I want the whole set!

Don’t forget you can get Antler Camden Luggage from Amazon, or if you go via Quidco you can get 5% Cashback from Antler!

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