Warning – this post has a few swear words – inc. the c-word.

New Year’s Resolutions definitely seem to be a ‘thing’ with bloggers, lots of posts with people sharing theirs, musing and discussion about it..

It’s fucking pointless.

The 1st January is just another day, it’s a day where a lot of people wake up with hangovers, sure, but so are Saturdays and Sundays. The increase in the number of a year is largely irrelevant. Let’s be honest, if your 2013 was full of shit and misery, making a few ‘rules’ for yourself won’t make your 2014 any better. You need to change what’s making you unhappy, get yourself out of bad situations, and most importantly, above ANYTHING else – turn that frown upside down!

I can’t be doing with ‘rules’ of how I should change my life, I’m not going to give up drinking, eat healthy, be nicer, give up a vice. It’s just not sustainable. I’ll drink what I normally do, eat what I normally do, get fatter, then get thinner. I’ll be nice for a few days, and remember what a feckless bunch of spunk donkeys I have to deal with, and it can’t be a coincidence VICE rhymes with NICE. 😉

Life is so painfully short, too many fabulous and wonderful people die before their time. I don’t know when my time will come, and I’d rather not spend it fretting about ‘rules’ I’ve imposed on myself. I just want to be me! Stupid, selfish, sweary, wonderful ME! I don’t want to be breathing my final breath, wishing I’d had a pint the night before, or thinking I could have got a ‘Two for Tuesdays’ last week. I want to go, knowing that I had fun, I laughed, I cried, I was incredible and I was a cunt – I did alright at ‘Life’.

Say no to resolutions, enjoy each day as it comes, be as nice as you can be, do what YOU want (ideally not at the expense of others!), and appreciate all those people around you.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution? Not a bloody chance..

  1. Jem says:

    But what if “do what YOU want” includes completely a bunch of arbitrary goals, aims or resolutions just for the sake of having done them? :p

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