Often when I meet people for the first time, one of the first things people say is..

“You’re a lot quieter than I thought you’d be”

It’s true, I’m an utter gobshite online, I don’t generally care what I say, or what people think of what I put out there, they don’t HAVE to follow me, or be my friend, or even read this blog. In real life though, I’m fairly quiet, and shy, and don’t speak unless I’m spoken to.

Of course – that changes after I’ve had a drink or three.

Still I was intrigued by people’s opinion of me – both those who know me, and have met me – and also those who just know me from social media. Β So last night I asked twitter to describe ‘Me in Three’.. Here’s a few of the responses –




I’ve met the lovely Donna, before – I think that’s me summed up nicely!

Next was Kate



Sensing a Techy theme already πŸ˜‰ Kate and I have been following each other for ages – she’s cool πŸ˜€

Next up was Alice..



This really made me howl – Alice and I have been to a few events, and her reference is down to the fact I was a little slow running (well staggering) to the last train home from the MADS . Which cost us Β£40 in cab fare :/. Staying around for a few more drinks also made me miss my train after the Cosatto Event. Which leads me to the lovely Michelle who was also at the Cosatto Event and her description of me..



I resent only one of those statements.. πŸ˜‰ Pretty accurate I guess – thanks Michelle!

Next up is LankyLamb – a fellow Theme Park geek who has got me sussed despite not meeting me..


The English Dad was a little politer and justified his choices slightly – which were interesting.



Quite like the thought of being ‘Ever-present’ – it’s not up to me to say I’m God.. It’s up to other people.. πŸ˜‰

After being a bit rude with her tweets, my tiny link baiting chum Fi Star-StoneΒ went with



I’ll take that! πŸ™‚ Better than her earlier effort of ‘Dad Blogger Bogie’.

A few others included –

“Helpful, Geek, Male” – from Niki
“Opinionated Techy Swearmonger” – from Denim Daddy
“Stranger, Interesting, Following” – from Davers

I actually took some of them and updated my Twitter Bio – making it a little more ‘crowdsourced’.

Update – Due to the popularity, and popular request, I’ve decided to open this up as a Linky. So why not ask your fellow tweeps to describe you in three and link up with the ‘Me in Three’ Linky box below? Just put in your name and the URL of your blog post! If you like, link back to this post by putting in the following HTML code in your blog post –

[prettify class=”html”] This is linked up to the Me in Three Linky. Why not take part yourself?

13 thoughts on “Me in Three – The Linky – #MeInThree

  1. Elizabeth (@Eliza_Do_Lots) says:

    People were terribly nice – it was nice to have people openly say nice things, but I suspect there were people scrolling past my tweets thinking “stuck up, snobby, bitch” and just not replying because they didn’t want to be openly hostile πŸ˜‰

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