Like a lot of bloggers, I get offered sponsored posts.

I try not to take too many of them, because I feel a person’s blog should really be about them and not some corporate rubbish. I know that for a lot of bloggers their blog is a source of income, and perhaps even their ‘job’ so I can understand why so many blogs are just wall to wall sponsored posts. It’s not really for me though, I’ll do them once in a while for a bit of pocket money, although recently I got offered a post at a real pocket money price!

I had an email from an SEO saying this –


I must say that your website is quite instructive. I am interested in placing my ?Blogpost Links? on your website. I assure you that the links do not contain any pornographic material and are spam free. I will pay you a good amount if you approve to have a business relationship with me. If you agree then I will send you my detailed proposal for your consideration.

Waiting for your response,


I get a few of these a week, they never usually amount to anything – so I fired back a quick response –

Possibly – depends on the links and what you consider to be a ‘good amount’.

Let me know!


She then emailed me a price for a post. It was $4, or about £2.40.

£2.40 for a post to be seen by thousands of people, across all my social media accounts.

Erm. No. That’d be about £2 after Paypal fees! Nice! I know times are hard, but £2 ?

I replied, rather politely saying that I couldn’t consider doing a post for $4 especially as that week I’d already published a sponsored post from someone else for a LOT more than £2. I had a rather curt reply.

Sorry our prices are not negotiable.

That was it, no ‘Kind Regards’, nothing. I was tempted to reply saying how rude I thought it was, but I’d wasted enough time, I left it. Then, today after getting that email two weeks ago, I had this –

Can you tell me your minimum prices?

I wanted to be rude, I wanted to say they had a bloody cheek.. I simply replied –


My prices are not negotiable.



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