For those of you who’ve noticed, or been paying attention, I have de-activated my Facebook and Twitter account. I’m not one for goodbyes, or one of those who do the whole ‘I’m leaving Twitter, no.. you can’t stop me.. Right, I’m off! Im going.. I’m REALLY going’ etc. I just wanted to slip off and wander off into the shadows and have a bit of time to gather my thoughts and actually think –

Do I NEED to be on Facebook and Twitter?

Well the answer is still unclear, it’s obviously a massive help for the blog, and also where a lot of my audience come from, I don’t know if anyone will actually SEE this post, because it’s not being pushed anywhere now. This will mean my figures will go down, so stuff like my Klout and Tots 100 score will no doubt nose dive too. It’s not the end of the world, of course I want thousands of people reading each day, who wouldn’t? Right now though, it’s not a priority.

I’m definitely missing stuff, I’ve had conversations start with –

“Did you see that photo I put on Twi.. Oh, you’re not on it now”

I suppose the it’s the done thing to announce and share news on Twitter or Facebook now, and if you’re not on it, you’re ‘out of the loop’ and whilst those close to me will be painfully aware I like to know ‘EVERYTHING’ – I’m kind of enjoying my vague state of ignorance. Twitter and Facebook have become a bit of an annoyance to me of late, I will happily admit to ‘being friends’ and ‘following’ people out of politeness, especially those in blogging circles and even extended family members. I honestly don’t give a rats ass about a review of a bottle of ketchup, or the latest moan about a spouse or other half, it’s boring – but I feel the ‘need’ to have these vacuous knobs under my belt as it’s polite. Over my last few weeks on Twitter and Facebook I just found myself getting angry, the signal to noise ratio is obscene – especially on Twitter.

The people I do care about, or have an interest in get lost in the stream of rubbish I found myself wading through. It’s obviously my fault for following too many people, and not using Twitter Lists, perhaps if I do come back I’ll have to use them both better. I’ve had toyed with the idea of resurrecting Twitter just for ‘blog’ business, but that’s not what Twitter is about – just endless pushing of stuff with no conversation.

Another negative effect is people seem to think I’ve blocked or unfollowed them, if you use one of those ‘who’s unfollowed me’ tools, the algorithms most of them use would class me as an ‘unfollower’, and then when you look for me, I’m not there, like it would be if you’re blocked. A similar thing would happen on Facebook if you use the ‘Un Friend Finder’ tool in FB Purity – Loz has had a few Facebook friends asking why I’ve blocked them and what they’ve done to warrant it.

I was concerned considering how addicted I was to Twitter and Facebook that I’d miss it – but really aside from the odd pangs of ‘I must Tweet that’ or ‘I’ll stick that picture on Facebook’. I don’t really miss it at all, I’ve deleted the Twitter and Facebook apps from my phone, and actually found my battery life on it has improved massively too. So it’s not all bad. I’ve got a really cool trip to Germany coming up next week to see some new AKG shiny. I’d love to be able to tweet and share my adventure, I’ve not left the country since 2006 and despite it being just one night away, I’ve never been abroad on my own before, let alone for a ‘press’ thing. It’s scary! I miss the warm cuddly blanket of a load of people there being able to ‘chat’ to at any time of the day and night, but – I’m a grown up (ish) – I should be able to cope.

So, where does that leave me?

I honestly don’t know. I’m enjoying my time ‘off the grid’ and not feeling the need to share every aspect of my life, I don’t have to pretend to be happy when I’m not, I don’t have to pretend to care when I don’t – there’s no need for any kind of facade – I’m just me, pottering on with my stuff. I miss the people and company at times, but those who really count probably have my number or can me ask for it – I’m not completely off the radar. I’ve got about 25 days now until my Twitter profile is gone for good – I’m really not sure if I want it back now… We’ll see!

9 thoughts on “The Anti Social Networks

  1. mummyshambles says:

    I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Twitter annoys the fook out of me on a daily basis but (here comes the but) it’s also the place where I can find parents of autistic children and it really has become my support network. So for that – it’s invaluable.
    I think we all need a social networking break from time to time. Having said that, I ditched Facebook a few years ago and I’ve never gone back.
    I’ll still see your blog posts because I have you on e-mail notification muhaha… I can pimp your posts out on Twitter can’t I?
    You do what’s right for YOU, Mr Kips…there is life beyond social networking. 😉

    • Kip Hakes says:

      Yeah – I didnt think about email notifications and my Google+ profile is still there, because you pretty much HAVE to use G+ if you use Google stuff.

      Feel free to pimp


  2. ideas4dads says:

    With you on tbis one brother.

    AlthoughI havnt deactivated my blog twitter account i dont go on it much at all now which is fantastic because I can actually be there in the moment and enjoy time with my kids rather than hunching over a phone tweeting my every move.

    As for faceache i think its a load of crap.

    I accept i cant grow my readership exponetially without social media but actually i am now blogging fir me and if nothing else it makes me laugh!

    And one more thing I find linkys do the job just as good as at the end of the day.

    Enjoy all the free time you have to spend with your family and live in the moment 🙂

  3. liska says:

    I had a 25 day social media break in April and then in May couldn’t get back into it enough to blog often. It took the full 2 months but I’ve now nose dived from 3 to 2k page views a day. That alone makes me want to get back on the horse but I keep asking myself is the horse even going anywhere. I know I am more present for Aaron when OFF the computer xx

  4. WallyMummy says:

    Kip! I just tweeted you and you weren’t there u big nobber… 🙂 then I clicked on here and now it all makes sense lol x Well. I think a break is nice, but I hope you miss it and come back as you do make me laugh on twitter! Won’t be the same without you… who is gonna plug your #morepenis has tag for britmums now!!! LMAO

  5. Kerrie McGiveron says:

    I wondered where you had gone. I am not a massive social media fan, and I don’t let it impinge on my daily life. I mean I use it at night when the kids are in bed, but I don’t have internet on my phone so I don’t use it while I’m out and about. (I like it this way) If there is Wireless then I may connect, but generally, I don’t.
    Totally understand where you are coming from though – I do think that FB and Twitter have become a bit too much – it can get out of hand. I just post when I have something to say. I hope you decide to re-join. I think they are important for connecting with other bloggers and staying in the loop. That’s if you want to stay in the loop of course!

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