So, this week I found myself in the back end of London in a beer garden, it was a gorgeous day and a few free Pimms were welcomed.

As I poured myself a drink, one of the fellow patrons shuffled over to me and said in a quietish voice.

“Er.. How are you finding the gear?”

I was puzzled.

“Uhm… the gear?!?”

Shit. My nervous bullshit chatter possibly looked like the ramblings of someone off their face on cocaine.. Was he wanting to score? I felt very ‘Mark’ from Peep Show.

“Yeah..” he nodded slowly “the gear!”

This was going to be awkward, I was going to explain that I’d not taken anything, and I couldn’t help him find the nearest chemist, yet alone the nearest drug dealer.

I was quickly trying to work out a way of trying to make myself not look like a knob, my brain spat out an “Errr” as it tried to process its way out of this awkward place.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking at them myself, I quite want one” He interjected.

This didn’t help my confusion, but then I noticed he was looking at my wrist.

It clicked. He was talking about the Android Wear WATCH I’ve been sent to review – The Samsung Gear Live.

What a bell end I am.

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