It’s felt like its been an age since I’ve written something that I’ve wanted to write – and not fulfilling a commitment to a PR person or company, and I’ve been a bit crap with that too to be honest!

So, what’s happened?

I think I’ve fallen out of love with blogging and social media really – I try to write, but I can’t – I even go to tweet, and I struggle to get to the end of 140 characters before thinking “who cares?”. If I don’t, surely the people reading it won’t either. I don’t really want to play out every aspect of my life in public, I don’t want the nod or acknowledgement from people who hardly know me, I want my time to be taken up with stuff that matters to me.

I’ve hidden in Facebook a lot recently, it’s closed, it’s selective and it’s mostly full of people I like, and I know (aside from the odd car crash of characters that I keep for my amusement). I’ve also taken the decision to lock my Twitter and Instagram account – I want to use social media differently, perhaps privately – not for any other reason than not wanting everything up for sale, analysis or consumption.

It’s making me feel happier in myself and I’m enjoying the privacy. My phone is staying more in my pocket and I’m getting my head down and concerning myself more with work, and the kids. I’m not feeling the urge I once had to tweet every conscious thought and it’s lovely having a quieter life.

Obviously the lock down has negative effects, working with brands is harder, as they won’t see me (unless they are following) and people retweeting my stuff isn’t possible, but frankly, I don’t care – it’s a small price to pay really.

I’m trying to become less lazy and more disciplined with myself and work – I’ve re-branded / re-imagined  my company into ‘Three Fishes Design‘ and working when I can on getting the shiny new website for that up and running. It’s very close to launching and I can’t wait – it feels like a fresh start and a new chapter. Instead of being a ‘jack of all trades – master of none’ I want to channel my creativity into a more structured way. I’ve been lazy and complacent with work for years – that has stopped and I’m more driven to succeed and build something wonderful.

Also, I’ve finally got my first ‘proper’ writing gig – I’m becoming a regular columnist on the Essex Chronicle – it’s a local paper that is circulated throughout Essex. I’ve been given a relatively free rein on what I write about and hopefully it will become something bigger in time. My first column has been given the nod and will go out around Essex on Thursday. It’s scary, but I actually found myself enjoying writing again – I got 600 words out easily. Perhaps it’s the creative kick I need to get my blogging arse back into gear – or perhaps a sign that I need to shift in a different direction.

It’s been a funny old year, with so many changes, and no doubt a few more before the year is out, but – I feel like the dust is settling, and I’m emerging from it – older, wiser and dare I say it, happier (tempting fate I’m sure).

Where does it leave the blog? I’m honestly not sure – it will always be here, and no doubt more content will appear, but I’m not sure if it will continue to be the emotional dumping ground it once was. I don’t want to write about the crap stuff any more, wallowing and whining doesn’t help, and neither does having an online journal of my failings. I’m just as flawed as the next person, but most people don’t have a public diary listing their shortcomings and fuck ups – so I think that side of me needs taking offline for now.

Who knows what will happen in the future, perhaps there will be a massive clusterfuck that I feel the urge to share, or perhaps, maybe, just maybe life will go on, quietly, peacefully and perhaps happily?





5 thoughts on “Time for a change…

  1. LittleJennie says:

    What is it that our rents have been banging on about for ages? Live for and in the moment. Not for and in social media – it’s ain’t real. Life is. And so, I hear you. Twitter. I update randomly while at work about work. Never on my own time, and very rarely personally. Instagram I look at more than I use, and when I do it’s to format a pretty picture or make me look less pale! Facebook continues to be my preferred channel – as you say, a bunch of people you actually know, and (for the most part) like or brands that inspire me and that I actually buy from. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and be real. Enjoy the moment, Kip. x

  2. Helen says:

    This is a great blog post. And that’s fantastic news about your column, all the best of luck with that!

    Loved meeting you at the Betty Crocker PR event, but you’re absolutely right as the above commenter says to step back and be real.

    Helen x

  3. Kerrie McGiveron says:

    I often think like this. Sometimes we need our blogs – I use mine to vent and be silly, and then I think ‘why am I DOING this??” . Good luck in your new venture – keep us updated!

  4. Dadwhoblogs says:

    It’s strange reading that after the post I wrote recently. I took a break from blogging and that had alot to do with falling out of love with writing. I was feeling crappy and I didnt want to blog about that. I didn’t think it would make me feeling any better and I don’t want my blog full of negativity. I’m branching out a little. I love movies and thought for a while about blogging about them so I am going to give that a try..if it doesnt work it doesn’t but I will be writing because I enjoy it.
    Congrats again on the permenant gig, well deserved!
    Love N hugs

  5. Emily says:

    Good luck with the column!

    I have been questioning myself recently about my blog, I write lots of reviews but not too sure it’s somewhere I want to share my whole personal life with, I have fallen out of love with blogging especially over the Christmas period where I didn’t pick up the laptop and concentrated fully on my girls, made me realise how much time it took up away from my girls.

    Will you be attending Britmums this year!? #morepenis That was my total highlight at the event, your halarious tweets!xx

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