I spent Tuesday evening at The Wyld Bar in London to meet a fantastic magician by the name of Oliver B.

I bloody love magic! I squeal like a child when I see a trick that impresses me, to be honest, most tricks impress me, I’m easily pleased! I arrived a little early and caught Oliver wowing some of the clientèle in the Bar, and had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him before the rest of our small group arrived.

He’s a lovely bloke, a proper showman, oozing with confidence, and rightly so – he’s very good at what he does!

There’s a showreel on his website with some of the celebrities he’s performed for, some of the most famous ones are missing but apparently even Rihanna has seen Oliver perform, and tonight, as I write this – he’s working at The Brits and several of the after parties!

Once our group assembled, we sat and Oliver gave us a little set of some of his favourite tricks, mostly they are close up tricks with cards and incredible slights of hand. It was good to see him bringing in a bit of technology into the magic with an iPad that could seemingly produce baby rabbits and a chosen card too. I managed to film him do one of the iPad tricks – it’s a bit dark, but you can see the action.

I was trying so hard to see how he was doing the tricks, and not diverting my eyes when he was obviously trying to make us look elsewhere, but I saw nothing.. Just – well – MAGIC! Watching magic on TV, whilst fun, you always wonder if there’s some sort of camera trickery or stooges in place. When you’re seeing a pack of cards turn into plastic, and a card you’ve signed appear in Oliver B’s mouth right in front of your eyes – it’s just incredible!

I was able to keep the card too!

Oliver had to get back to entertaining the punters in the bar, but I was really amazed with what I saw – a lovely, charming bloke with a killer selection of magic tricks up his sleeve. We were left to enjoy the hospitality of The Wyld Bar, although at £15 for a Gin and Tonic, I wasn’t on planning on having a late one.

A £15 Gin
A £15 Gin

If you want to see Oliver B for yourself, he’s often found there on Tuesday nights, or you can even hire him via his website – he really is worth a watch!

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