So.. It’s been a while since I’ve written ANYTHING of note, I imagine that this won’t be of much note – but it’s a blog post never-the-less!

I’ve decided to become a little more pro-active with the blog and actually write stuff, which hasn’t really happened all that much since the marriage break-up in the Summer. I’ve just not really been in the frame of mind to write how I used to, and I’m still not sure if I am – there’s so much going on now, and most of it isn’t really for consumption here. That said though – I’m going to try to get on back on the blogging horsey..

So with this in mind – I’m going to do a new selection of posts called ‘Blog Shorts’ (this is the first!), these will be little posts, probably 300 words ish, documenting life in general, stuff I’ve attended, or products I’ve been sent. A lot of these things slip by without mention because I can’t really find the words to do a full on post, but they need to be written up in some form.

I’m also going to try and write more about the day to day stuff that is going on, and take the blog back a bit to where it started – a diary of my life and the kids lives too. So much gets forgotten along the way, and I miss having it all documented. I’m also considering a cheeky blogging side project, which, could, possibly turn into a book – it’s an idea I’ve batted around for ages, and bouncing off a few people, we’ll see though.

So in short – standby! New content is coming, new writing is coming, and I imagine more video blogs are coming!

Me 'tasting wine' (getting drunk) at a recent event..
Me ‘tasting wine’ (getting drunk) at a recent event..

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