The contact form on my blog occasionally gets used sometimes by PR people and occasionally Spammers – yesterday though, I had a bit of a strange request via it..

“Do you hold birthday parties for 7 year olds and if so what is the cost per child and whats included. are there any extra cost, how long do the parties last? and how much notification is required? Is there a minium and max of children? Also there would be a couple of 2 year olds.

Regards Ms Laura ******”

I was a little baffled by it, aside from the bad English, it just seemed a bit of a weird thing to request via a blog.

Thing is though, I’m game for a laugh, so I thought I’d reply –

“Hi Laura!

Yes I am happy to provide themed parties for children of all ages. I can dress up as any Disney or Themed character of your choice and can give heartfelt renditions of many show tunes and Disney songs. Prices start at £25 per child based on a minimum of 10 children.  Party bags are included.

Warm Regards”

I’ll let you know if she replies, and if she does – I better find an Elsa dress pretty damned quick!

Do you want to book me for a party?

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