Getting around London can sometimes be a bit stressful, especially if you’re not familiar with the Buses and Tubes, it’s even more of a PITA if you’re with children and or luggage. So sometimes, it’s a bit easier to grab a Taxi, although then you have the hassle of trying to flag one, which can be a nightmare at peak times.

Step forward a fantastic app – Gett (formerly Get Taxi) – which is available on Android and iPhone which enables you to hail a Taxi in London with a few taps. You even pay within the app so you don’t have to have cash on you!

If you download and install the App, you can set up your profile and register, it’s a very straightforward process, it’ll ask you to add a payment card (which won’t be charged until you use the service) and you’re done! What’s more if you add the Coupon Code GTKIPHA to your account, you’ll get £10 credit added to use on your first journey too.

Once you’re in London, you can fire up the app and it will pinpoint your location and tell you roughly how soon you will have a Black Cab with you. You can then hit ‘Set Pickup’ and start the ordering process, you can add your destination. Then the App will ping all nearby available cabbies to your job, and within moments one will accept your journey.


It will bring up the driver’s details, a photo, and the registration of the Taxi too (so you know which one you’re looking for) and that’s it. If the driver can’t find you, or vice-versa you can ring them, or them you within the app.

Once you’ve been picked up the App will give you a rough ETA of when you’ll get there (it’s usually a bit quicker as the cabbies will know the shortcuts), and you can see your progress, or just pop your phone away. Once you’ve reached your destination you can go back into the app and then pay your bill. You’ll get the option of adding a tip, and once you’ve approved it the money will be taken from your stored payment card.

That’s it!

All your historic journeys are saved within the app and you can re-order it if you’re doing it again, or order a ride back for the return journey.


I’ve used the App several times now and it works really well – plus, you can generate your own referral codes and earn free rides when a friend uses the app. I’d highly recommend Gett – especially as the App is expanding to offer more than just Taxi rides – give it a go and let me know what you think!

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