This season at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort they have opened ‘Heartlake City’ the new home of the LEGO Friends.

To celebrate the opening of it, James and I were invited to a Press Event for a look at the all new area early one Saturday morning before it opened to the public, and then spend the rest of the day on park enjoying the countless rides and attractions.

The approach to Heartlake City
The approach to Heartlake City

I’m very glad that Heartlake City has appeared this year, it’s revitalised probably one of the oldest areas of the park and given it a fresh new look. As you enter Heartlake City, you’ll come across Mia’s Riding Adventure, which is a Horse Themed ‘Disco’ ride (a small version of Kobra at Chessington). It’s got a height restriction of 1.2m, so it’s for bigger kids and adults, which is nice as there aren’t masses of bigger thrills at LEGOLAND Windsor. The new ride has meant the JCB Digger ride has left, it was looking a little sad anyway, so it’s good to see something fun and vibrant!

The entrance to Mia's Riding School
The entrance to Mia’s Riding School
Mia's Riding Adventure
Mia’s Riding Adventure

In the centre of Heartlake City is the massive Heartlake Harbour Arena, where each day you can see both the LEGO Friends show ‘Friends to the Rescue!’, and the Pirates of Skeleton Bay show. We were treated to a performance of the LEGO Friends show. It’s everything you’d expect, happy, saccharine sweet and vibrant, James at 3 wasn’t overly captivated – he liked the music and all the water fountains and lights, but the story was a little lost on him. The pirates show was a lot more his thing, but I know there well be a LOT of young girls who will LOVE the LEGO Friends show, and I found myself humming the catchy songs as we traipsed around the park!

The LEGO Friends perform at Heartlake City Arena
The LEGO Friends perform at Heartlake City Arena

Food, Drink and Shopping is well covered in Heartlake City, my ‘go to’ Pizza and Pasta place has become ‘Heartlake Pizza and Pasta’ and just a few steps away is the ‘Heartlake Cafe’ which serves lighter bites and fairly decent coffee! There is also an Ice Cream Palour if you’re feeling particularly indulgent! Heartlake City Mall is a fantastic shop, stacked full of LEGO wares, I’d highly recommend shopping in here than going to the ‘Big Shop’ which is PANDEMONIUM at the end of a busy day!

Heartlake City Mall
Heartlake City Mall

Also you’ll find the wonderful Train ride, the Heartlake City Express, this has been a hit with both the kids, although neither of them like the water squirting elements that are usually on. Thankfully when we visited these had either been switched off or removed as we didn’t get a face full of water!

It’s fantastic to have this are of the park now looking as good as the rest of it. Days out to Theme Parks can be bloody expensive and you expect quality, thankfully LEGOLAND Windsor delivers this in spades.

As with our experience last year, LEGOLAND Windsor really is a wonderful day out, if you can, try to go during the week, Summer weekends and the school holidays are MANIC! James had a fantastic day, he conquered ‘The Dragon’ and ‘Pirate Falls’ which I couldn’t believe, he’s a little adrenaline junkie! I’ve put some pictures of our adventures below!

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