I’ve done many stupid things in my life, I’ve even written about some of them on here – the day I electrocuted myself, the time I played a prank on a lorry and it nearly killed me.

Let me tell you about the dumbest thing I’ve done.

It was 2007, and I was having a sort-of crisis, my girlfriend then was a student nurse, and I spent most of my time with her and her friends. I’ve never been to uni, and I think I saw it as an opportunity to have a ‘student like’ life, but at the wrong age. It was generally fine, I spent a lot of time getting drunk, and spending most of my money on that.

It was a few days before pay day, and I was very very poor, I’d still agreed to go out, and hoped that I’d be able to get a couple of drinks at the ‘Spank Student’ Night I was going to. For the ‘entertainment’ at the Student Night this week, they were playing a game, a game involving Waxing. If you had an arm waxed, you got a free drink, if you had your legs waxed, it was two free drinks, Chest got you three free drinks, Eyebrows (BOTH) it was FOUR free drinks.

I’d managed to get a few pints in me already, I was full of bravado, fuck it..

FOUR FREE DRINKS! Buh Bye Eyebrows!

It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, it was only hair, hair grows back.. dunnit?

I sat down, the wax strip was applied to my first eyebrow, and then ripped off. Fate was trying to intervene at this point, nothing actually came off – my eyebrow was still there! A sensible person would have decided that this was the time to change their mind.

I’m not sensible.

“Do it again!!” I shouted.

She did.. There was an incredible amount of pain for a second, and then a wax strip with my whole right eyebrow on. Eyebrow one was gone. Moments later, so was Eyebrow Two. Almost straight away, I knew it was a bad idea.. I had work in the morning! My friend Donna tried to help, by seeing if makeup would help..


It didn’t

Work were surprisingly okay with my stupidity, I didn’t get told off, my job wasn’t customer facing! Also G was terrified when she saw me for the first time, she actually ran away, although, she got use to it…


It took months for them to grow back, and even now, they aren’t quite the same. Take my advice.


What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

One thought on “The dumbest thing I’ve ever done…

  1. Larry says:

    When I think of waxing, I think of the hilarious scene in the movie, the 40 year old virgin. He clearly was in pain. Glad you were not in pain and just embarrassed.

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