As a vegetarian, I eat a fair bit of Quorn – it’s a fantastic alternative to meat, and it’s pretty flipping healthy too! The kids, who eat vegetarian with me, also like the Quorn products too. The problem with Quorn is, it’s not vegan friendly – because the process of making Quorn uses egg white to bind the Mycoprotein but after three years of development Quorn have cracked a vegan friendly alternative.

Quorn is taking its first step into veganism with the launch of a hotly anticipated, brand new range. Given The Vegan Society’s estimate of 300,000 vegans in the UK , the leading meat free brand aims to meet consumer demand with the introduction of two great tasting, new products.The Quorn Vegan Range provides choice and versatility for quick meat free meals, weekend treats and family favourites, with no compromise on taste, or texture.

The launch is initially with two products, in two retailers ASDA and Waitrose – These are the Quorn Pieces (similar to Chicken Pieces) and Quorn Hot and Spicy Burgers.

I was invited to the official launch of the Quorn Vegan range and was VERY impressed by it – both products taste fantastic and seem to work well in a variety of dishes. The range may seem limited to start with, but it’s all about supply and demand, whilst there’s been massive demand for Quorn Vegan products (with four different petitions submitted!), unless the products do well commercially, there might not be any more! At the launch there was mention of four products that have been developed, but unless these two do well, those might not see the light of day!

Behold - A Quorn Burger!
Behold – A Quorn Vegan Burger!

I’m going to try putting together a few Quorn Vegan recipes to demonstrate the versatility of the range (plus it’s nice to have a bit of vegan cooking in my repertoire!)

So, if you’re a vegan – or even if you’re not – give it a try – you’ll be impressed!

If you want to find your nearest Quorn Vegan stockist – look here.

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