I saw this post on Facebook about a restaurant – the ‘Lavender Lodge’ in Whitehall Garden Centre who have this sign outside.


Slightly bad grammar aside, I honestly don’t see the issue with it. I’ve been to plenty of places and had my experience ruined by other people’s sexcrement who are unwilling or unable to behave correctly. There’s a time and a place for riotous behaviour, and a ‘quieter’ restaurant really isn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking my kids out with me for dinner, and we tend to stick to more ‘family’ orientated places, I’m *very* lucky because both of them, even James who is meant to be a ‘threenager’ couldn’t be any better behaved than he is.

I also like going out for dinner without them, and there’s nothing worse than a quiet meal being destroyed by someone else, child or otherwise – I think it’s fair enough of this establishment to set their ‘tone’ on the door. If I saw that I’d be more inclined to pop in when I’m child free and consider others before entering when I do have my two. One of my favourite places to go to for a bite to eat or a quick drink is ‘Baroosh’ in Chelmsford because they have a strict ‘Over 21’s’ Policy all day and night, and sometimes it’s nice to escape the world of children for a coffee in peace.

I’m sure some would argue that it’s discriminatory for those with disabilities and issues that cause them to struggle in situations, and perhaps it is – but I’m guessing it’s not the only restaurant in the area, and if you really feel that strongly, the best way to vote is with your wallet and go elsewhere.

So – what do you think about the matter?

Header photo from Loz at Two Fishes Diary

3 thoughts on “Little brats aren’t welcome here!

  1. Louise @ Birds and Lilies says:

    I saw this on Facebook too. I think it’s fine for a restaurant to have a no children policy, but I think if they allow children then they can’t stipulate that your children have to behave or not cry! You don’t know whether your baby is going to start crying in the middle of a meal – and will they actually throw you out whilst you are eating if they do?

    My daughter is well behaved generally, but she also might have a mardy in the middle of her meal. And babies cry. I just wouldn’t take children there. But I don’t think they should have written it like they have x

  2. Bec says:

    I agree with Louise – how are you supposed to know in advance if your baby is going to cry? Even with slightly older children it can be hit and miss – my nearly 4 year old can be beautifully behaved in a restaurant, but can also find it all too much and its impossible to know beforehand which way the meal will turn out. I don’t want to spend my meal fretting about being kicked out if she gets upset! Better to just say no kids altogether of they’re going to be that precious about it.

  3. JulieMartin says:

    How I wish I could predict temper tantrums and mood swings in advance! If me and the man were on a #DateNight (only called it that becuase of a previous rant you’ve had) having a kid-free eatery would be bliss.

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