A lot of bloggers would LOVE for something to go ‘viral’, me included! I’ve had stuff go nuts before – my ‘Mummy Blogger Game of Thrones‘ post, which, admittedly isn’t my best work went CRAZY one day – I think it was shared on a ‘Mommy Blogger’ US Facebook group and it was shared a ridiculous amount of times.

But, the stuff that tends to go viral isn’t always what you’d what, think, or hope would go crazy, it’s not always a good thing as the BRILLIANT TED Talk from Jon Ronson illustrates –

So, on Monday night – I’d seen a GIF posted on Facebook that had the title ‘Every episode of House’, it’s so, so silly, but essentially a good representation of the iconic TV Show ‘House’. It’s under here –


I reshared on Facebook, and had a few likes, pinged it to a few friends, and thought ‘Oh.. I’ll stick it on Twitter’ – so at 10.45pm on Monday evening this stupid tweet went up.



It got a few RT’s and Likes, and I was happy, my silly tweet had got a nod from a few people. I didn’t really think about researching where it had come from or who made it, I just expected to go out there and fade away like most other tweets.

Then, slowly, and like a snowball rolling down the hill my Twitter feed started to speed up – RT’s and Likes popping up every moment, two hours later when I went to bed the tweet had been seen 15,000 times and RT’d and Liked a few hundred times. I then woke up the following morning to 45,000 impressions of the tweet and 500 RT’s and Likes. Since then, my Twitter feed hasn’t stopped, my phone is pinging every few minutes and as I write its been seen 174,102 times, RT’d and Liked over 2000+ times.


So, just remember, the next Tweet you write, no matter how stupid might go viral – accidently.

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