Well.. No.. I’m not – but in April..


Yes this quite poorly travelled chap is finally going to the States, and I’m SO excited. The reason for the trip is for the wedding of Miss A’s brother, as well as a bit of a holiday. Regular readers will know I don’t REALLY ‘holiday’, although I broke the trend with a trip to Bluestone last year. So 2016 sees me visiting the city that never sleeps.


I’m slightly on the back foot with our trip to New York, I’ve never been, but Miss A is an expert on the Big Apple – she’s been a lot. It’s nice that I won’t feel completely clueless and lost by the experience, for someone like me who frets so much about stuff it’s nice to know I can go into this relatively blind and still know that I’m going to have a wonderful time.

I’ve not flown long haul for a VERY long time, I think when I went to New Zealand in 2002(?) the ‘in-plane’ entertainment all came on VHS tapes, and was extremely limited. I think things will be a little different these days!

Plans are all coming together nicely, all the flights are booked – as well as hotels / apartments (we’re staying in three different places in NYC), car parking is sorted too – heck even the wedding outfits are picked. I’ve got a LOVELY blue suit from ASOS, it’s not my ‘normal’ thing, but it fits beautifully – here’s someone hotter than me wearing it –


I’ve also got my hands on a Revolut Travel Card which is a Mastercard you can top up with £’s and convert into $’s and use in the States. It’s got a rather swish App that I’ll write about soon.


Now all to do now is plan a bit more of what we’ll do when we’re out there, we’ve got the wedding and the celebrations, and tickets to see Finding Neverland on Broadway. Aside from that, it’s a pretty empty schedule! I definitely want to go to Grand Central Terminal / Station, go and hunt down the Ghostbusters Fire Station and see the Statue of Liberty. Aside from that, I’m pretty easy!


I can’t emphasise just how excited I am by the prospect of going to New York – it’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to go. I’m also relieved that the US is covered by Three’s ‘Feel At Home’ scheme so I’ll be able to take my ‘All you can Eat’ data with me for FREE – there will be a lot of Tweeting and perhaps blogging while I’m there!

So – have you been to New York before? What’s something you recommend doing?


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