I’m a big Thorpe Park fan, I’ve been going for years and really do love the ‘Island like no other’ – it’s also where I first met Miss A nearly a year ago. I try to get there as much as possible, occasionally ditching work for the day and having my geeky coaster fix – it’s only 80 miles away, so it’s easily accessible after a fly around the M25.


Going to any theme park isn’t cheap – especially if you’re feeling impulsive – ‘on the day’ prices are now around £50 depending on what park you’re visiting. Add to that the cost of food and drink, and the odd souvenir – it can get very expensive. Thankfully though, grabbing an Annual Pass is a fantastic way of saving money, and to make it even sweeter, Thorpe Park are currently selling their Annual Passes at a bargain price in the ‘Thorpe Park Annual Pass Sale’!

It’s going to be a very big year at Thorpe Park with the launch of ‘Derren Brown’s Ghost Train’, which I’ve written about here, it’s another unique ride in their growing portfolio. Also the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ maze is getting a few new challenges in 2016 to keep it fresh. Thorpe does live up to its slogan of being an Island like no other!


So, from today until April 10th, you can pick up a Thorpe Park Annual Pass for £49.99 per person (based on a family of 4) – saving £5 per person on the regular price!

As well as getting you over 200 days of fun on the Island, the pass means you can skip the entrance queues to the park, and breeze through the ‘Passholder Entrance’ like a VIP. On top of this, Passholders can get 20% off merchandise around the park by showing their pass, you can also get 20% off Food and Drink across the resort (KFC and Burger King excluded). Personally I like a plateful or two at the Pizza and Pasta Buffet – if that’s not your thing you can head to the dome and grab some Island delicacies at Fin’s Bar and Grill, home of the legendary ‘Burger Like No Other’. Also new this year is ice-cream by magic from Nitrogenie – ice cream created with liquid nitrogen. Food tastes better when you get 20% off!

As well as that, if you want to extend the fun, passholders get 20% off stays at the Thorpe Shark Hotel too, so you can have 2 days of fun, and a stay in a uniquely themed hotel to boot! So for LESS than the ‘on the day’ price of ticket, you can have as much fun as you can handle with the Thorpe Park Annual Pass!

We’re going to be working with Thorpe Park closely in 2016 as Ambassadors, which means I’ll be there a lot. I’m also going to be blogging live from the opening of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train on my social media channels so you can find out the latest news FIRST. We’ll all be rocking Thorpe Park Annual Pass and will keep you up to date with all the island’s developments as soon as we can!

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