It’s slowly creeping around to my 35th Birthday, and so therefore it means that it’s time for something of a tradition of mine, a Birthday Bunk Off to Thorpe Park!

Yes, it’s had more line-up changes than the Sugababes have, but generally the idea is the same – you take a day off work and go to Thorpe Park! I love going just before (or after) my birthday as the season hasn’t quite kicked in, so you can manage to squeeze a butt-load of rides in without queuing, and have more of a leisurely stroll around the place. There’s very few children around too, so instead of having to deal with the sexcrement of others, you get to hang out with the adults. Boom!

So.. this year my Birthday Bunk Off to Thorpe Park will be….

Wednesday 23rd March.

Generally, it’s an open invite to any of my friends to come and hang out on park for a day, anyone I like is welcome, so long as they abide by my three rules.

  1. No Children – I’m not bringing mine, don’t bring yours.
  2. No Bag Holders – I know some rides aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine, but people who stand sulking – holding bags throughout the day suck the fun out stuff.
  3. Quantum first, Rush second – I don’t need to explain this. It’s just how it is.

So – if you fit any criteria, and fancy a day off work and a fuck load of rollercoasters – come along. If you don’t – well, that’s cool, I’ll be filming it and no doubt Tweeting and Instagramming the whole day.  Also, if you are coming, book tickets NOW – it’s cheaper than the walk up price, in fact, it’s actually cheaper to buy an Annual Pass for Thorpe Park to have a whole year of entrance than pay the ‘on the day’ price right now!

I cannot wait!

Photography taken at Thorpe Park by Daniel Lewis +44(0)7813 987475

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