The last few weeks have been filled with famous people, cooking with Dean Edwards, having my dinner made by Lisa Faulkner – but perhaps the most exciting thing I’ve done is baking with Paul Hollywood!

I was invited to the launch of his new range of artisan inspired baking mixes, all of which are available at Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado. These mixes allow you to create a range of Savoury, Bread and Sweet dishes, just by following the simple instructions on the packet. To show just how easy it was to create delicious artisan treats, Paul asked for a volunteer, and before I knew it, I was stood next to him making luxurious Belgian Chocolate Brownies in-front of the gathered press and bloggers.

It really was extremely simple to make the brownies, you combine melted butter and beaten eggs with the mix, and pour it into a tray for baking – then after 20-25 minutes you have a tray of brownies with a signature cracked top and a moist centre. Even the most inept in the kitchen can create delicious goodies every single time!


After my triumph of Belgian Chocolate Brownies – Paul showed us how his mixes can make the usually tricky task of bread making a breeze for anyone. With the assistance of someone else from the audience Paul knocked up a Garlic and Herb Tear and Share Loaf. It took next to no time to create a beautiful loaf that could adorn the centre of a dinner table.


The full range includes:

Savoury & Bread Mixes:

  • Paul Hollywood White Plaited Loaf Mix – £1.49
  • Paul Hollywood Barm Cake Roll Mix – £1.49
  • Paul Hollywood Garlic & Herb tear ‘n’ share Mix – £1.89
  • Paul Hollywood Tomato & Thyme Bloomer Mix – £1.89
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Cheese & Rosemary Scone – £1.89

Sweet Mixes:

  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Bran & Coconut Flapjack Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian White Choc Cookie Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Muffin Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian White Chocolate Muffin Mix – £2.09
  • Paul Hollywood Famous Scone Mix – £2.09

So there really is something for everyone, I was sent home with a few to try again, I think I’ll get the kids to help me – they’ll love how easy it is!


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    • Kip Hakes says:

      It was somewhere near Waterloo – actually someone’s house that they rent out for such launches.. I can dig out the address if you’re interested?

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