The last few weeks have been awash with two things, cooking and theme parks – probably two of my favourite things to do (that I can write about on here!) ANNNYWAY, myself and some other bloggers were invited down to the Cactus Studios, the home of ‘Saturday Kitchen’ for a bit of ‘Disco Soup’ action with the nice folks at OXO, and Masterchef winner (and now Lorraine Kelly’s TV Chef) Dean Edwards.


You’d pretty much have to be brain dead to not have heard of OXO and their products, they have been a UK kitchen favourite for many years now. As a veggie, the ‘red’ and ‘orange’ packets don’t get used in our kitchen, but the Green cubes, and Garden Vegetable Stock Pots are regulars in our cupboard!


The aim of evening was simple, put to use some ingredients that are part of the 4.2 million tonnes of food waste we create in the UK to better use, and be ‘souped up’ with Oxo, into some fantastic and simple to make soups. We were paired off, sent to a workstation – in the kind of kitchen I want when I win the lottery and Dean guided us through making three fantastic soups (all veggie friendly!) whilst a DJ belted out a selection of tunes for us.

We made –

French Onion Soup
Spicy Butternut Squash Soup &
Carrot and Beetroot Soup

A trio of Soup!
A trio of Soup!

All of the recipes are found in the FAB OXO Cookbook, which has plenty of meal ideas!

I was really pleased to hear that OXO were going to give any of the unwanted soup to a local homeless shelter, which re-enforced the message they were putting across that good food shouldn’t go to waste. It’s such a shame that nearly £470 per year, per household of perfectly good food goes to waste – but hopefully now, with some ‘souping up’ ideas, that could be a lot less!

Thanks to Dean, and the fab OXO team, for putting on such a fun event!


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