You might or might not know that it was my birthday recently, and I was a very spoilt boy by everyone, not least Miss A – she presented me with a new shiny..

Behold - the SHINY!
Behold – the SHINY!

I’ve had my eye on this bad boy for a while now – I’ve missed having a DSLR. The 42MP Sensor on my trusty Nokia Lumia 1020 has given me some cracking shots, and the RAW capture has meant I can take some half decent photos for work. There’s just something about a DSLR, the seemingly infinite adjustments and tweaks you can make – the possibility of changing lenses and getting a different style and range of images. For someone as photo crazy as me, it’s a dream come true.

My first picture on the new toy!
My first picture on the new toy!

The timing is perfect too, with New York just a few weeks away, I’m glad I’ll be getting some cracking shots of my first time in the States.

As I got a few Amazon vouchers for my birthday too, I had enough to get a second lens – this one – which will allow me to get some slightly closer shots than those offered by the supplied 18-55mm. I did have a similar lens for my old Canon EOS 300D DSLR, but it didn’t have the inbuilt image stabiliser. This made long-range shots in anything other than daylight a nightmare without a tripod, when conditions allowed, I got some brilliant, candid shots.


I’ve always been a fan of Canon cameras, and something that I’m looking forward to playing with is linking up with my phone or tablet and using it to control the camera. Armed with this cable and this app, I can use my phone to control the camera. Proper geekery! Also, with this awesome card reader I can upload images on the go with my phone and unlimited data plan, so the holiday snaps don’t need to sit on the camera until I’m back at the computer. I can edit and upload them as I go.

I’m also planning on looking at Magic Latern to tweak the camera further, and play more with video creation as well still images.

First though, I’ve got the Canon EOS 700D for Dummies book to read through so I can nip through all the menus with ease (hopefully!) – and standby for ALL the photos!

2 thoughts on “Say hello to my leeeeetle friend!

  1. Daniel___BSc says:

    I am currently using Helicon remote to control my 700D via mouse and usb, great app with only a couple of little problems, I installed Magic Lantern but not being able to control it’s settings via an app on the tablet means I rarely use any of its cool features.

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