I’ve been sent some imagery and video footage of one of the elements with Derren Brown’s Ghost Train being ‘tested’ on unsuspecting members of Thorpe Park staff, and the result, well can be seen in the video above. The Demon looks amazing, and extremely convincing and I think I’d scream if it came charging towards me!


Although very little is known about what’s hiding within the attraction, Thorpe Park are slowly teasing us with little snippets as the opening day of May 6th approaches.

Derren Brown commented:

“I am excited to reveal another glimpse into my new attraction, giving the first look behind the doors of the Ghost Train. Over the last few weeks I have been testing out the components of the attraction and decided to run scare tests with my demon creature on the Thorpe Park staff – the reactions were hilarious and very encouraging. Passengers aboard the Ghost Train will experience a pretty extraordinary combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, special effects and live action, completely unlike anything they will have seen before.”

The Ghost Train is NEARLY ready!
The Ghost Train is NEARLY ready!

It’s now been confirmed that the age limit for the ride is 13 years plus, so I’ll be dragging G on after her birthday in July!

The attraction has 12 multiple knee-shaking journeys and two endings, so no two ‘rides’ will be the same but every journey will also provoke an intense reaction from each individual ‘passenger’. Whilst guests may share their journey with others, each experience will be an individual one, with every journey, sensation and fear unique.

Mike Vallis, Divisional Director of Thorpe Park Resort commented:

“Following our announcement of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, we’ve had many people trying to discover its’ tightly guarded secrets. As we approach the opening of this ground-breaking attraction, we unleashed one of the many terrifying features on our own employees in a series of scare tests. As the footage shows, visitors are in for the shock of their lives when they come on board Derren Brown’s Ghost Train.

This is the most exciting and ambitious project we have ever attempted at Thorpe Park Resort and will be nothing like visitors have ever experienced before.”

It all sounds incredible – I honestly can’t wait to see what Derren Brown and Thorpe Park Resort have planned for us all – make sure you pre-book tickets to get the best rates!

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