With J starting school in September, it will be harder for him to do ‘fun stuff’ during the week with us as I don’t really want him to miss school for frivolity. With this in mind, we’re taking him for his first proper trip to my happy place, Alton Towers. James hasn’t been there since he was tiny, and since then, CBeebies Land has opened so we’re taking him mid-week, out of the holidays to enjoy everything Alton Towers Resort has to offer when it’s a little quieter. It’s fun to do stuff with both children, but G is definitely a bit old for CBeebies Land!

We’re staying in one of the Enchanted Lodges in the Enchanted Village – we stayed there without the kids last year, and I wrote this lengthy review about our experience.All of the accommodation at Alton Towers Resort is top-notch, but I think J will love the little lodges and village itself, it’s perfect for his age range as you can see in the video I made.

Also new for 2016 is the Rollercoaster Restaurant which was under construction earlier in the year when we visited to check out Galactica. The food is delivered to your table from the kitchen by a Rollercoaster that twists and turns above and around the restaurant. I’m very excited to see this in action, and looking forward to seeing just how it all works, initial reviews of the experience have been very positive so keep an eye on the blog for my thoughts!


I’m really looking forward to taking J for a play in Alton Towers Waterpark – he’s started having swimming lessons this year, and really enjoys being in the water, so I think the size and scale of the Waterpark will blow his mind. It’s massive, and has so much to do and explore, I think we’ll both have a lot of fun!


The main reason for our visit is to let him explore CBeebies Land, he really enjoys a lot of the shows on CBeebies and will really enjoy exploring all the different rides and shows there are. He’s particularly excited about going on a ‘Rollercoaster that the Octonauts drive!’ – I must admit I am too! I’ve wandered through CBeebies Land several times but haven’t had a small person with me to go on all the rides – It’s going to be great fun! I’m also hoping the ‘Hey Duggee’ show is still running in the Big Fun Showtime area – James and Miss A really love Duggee and the Squirells!

If you’ve got a little one starting school in September, I’d really recommend a mid-week break to Alton Towers Resort before then. CBeebies Land is VERY busy in the Summer Holidays and half term, and small people don’t like having to wait around (neither do I for that matter!), so there’s not long left to spoil them before school starts! The prices are pretty reasonable too at this time of the year, so it’s definitely worth considering!



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