A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company that does PR for HP, they wanted me to go to London for half a day to be filmed for some online adverts. It’s not my first time infront of the camera as a blogger, and I enjoyed that.Work was quiet that week, so I jumped at the chance!

The details of what exactly we’d be filming were vague, some sort of ‘Generation Game’ style challenge. I made my way to Studio Spaces to find out exactly what I’d be up to. We were introduced to HP’s PageWide Technology. Put simply HP PageWide is a new way of Home / Office printing where ink is sprayed across the page width with a large, static print-head. The lack of movement, and Inkjet technology means it can fire pages out at a ridiculous speed – 75 pages per minute. Because there is no heating involved, like those used in laser printers, it’s also more energy efficient.

We also had explained exactly what the filming would involve – we’d be lead into a room with an HP PageWide printer set up and then it would spend a minute firing out prints. These prints would have some objects, and a few red herrings of HP and HP PageWide logos. We’d then have a minute to recall as many as we could – everything we recalled – we’d win!

The catch was – we had to get the names EXACTLY as they were printed on the paper.

As I was lead to the room for my turn, the runner whispered –

“If you remember one thing – remember the ‘HP Pavilion x2 Laptop’ – that’s the best prize”


I was mic-ed up and introduced to the Director and Producer, and then the camera started to roll. The pictures FLEW out of the printer – the HP Pagewide was stupidly fast. By the time you’d just about registered something in your brain, there was another page on top of it. There wasn’t a ‘Cuddly Toy’, it was a very specific ‘Small, Brown, Teddy Bear’. I *thought* I’d got nearly all of them. I hadn’t I’d just remembered a four.

Small tube of Suncream
HP Travel Mug
HP 16Gb USB Memory Stick

HP Pavilion x2 Laptop



They had eight of us to film, and were running behind, so I was thanked, had my microphone removed and handed a bag containing my prizes to take home. It was a surreal day, but just another random day in the life of a Blogger!

The finished video isn’t online yet, but when it is, I’ll update this post!

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