We’re surrounded hours of TV and Film, ready to consume and stream instantly – there is SO much to watch. A lot of it is good, some of it dross – to help you I’ve picked three things you need to watch. I promise you’ll enjoy them all, if you don’t – well – erm. You’re an idiot.

First up…

Sing Street

Sing Street Cast

This is a film that you’ve probably NEVER heard of, similar to the director’s, John Carney other big film ‘Once’ – which I LOVE. Everyone is going nuts for 80’s revival stuff these days with the smash Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’ storming the way. Sing Street, released earlier this year is a charming film set in Ireland and tells the tale of Conor. Conor is a teenage boy, desperate to win the heart of a girl and tries to catch her eye, and heart by writing her songs, and performing them with his band. The problem is, there is no band. It’s packed with 80’s pop and some fantastic music penned by the band.

It’s beautifully shot, wonderfully edited and is a decent, heart-warming film. Whilst it looks at teenage angst in the 80’s – it’s not overly ‘gritty’, there’s not masses of swearing, and it comes with a 12 certificate. You could happily watch this as a(n older) family and everyone will enjoy it.

I REALLY enjoyed getting lost in the Sing Street world for 105 minutes – and I’m sure you will do too!

It’s not on a streaming service yet – you can grab the DVD or Bluray.


Meet Fleabag!
Meet Fleabag!

I remember watching Orange is the New Black for the first time, and the first 2 minutes drew me in, and had me hooked, wanting more. Fleabag does this, in spades – it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. Produced for BBC Three and shown late in the evening on BBC 2, this little gem could easily pass you by. Please, don’t let it. The writing is wonderful, you’ll laugh, cry, and occasionally sit agog. Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) perhaps isn’t how you’d want your daughter to be, but, invariably at some point, we’ve all been a little ‘Fleabag’. It’s crude and brash, yet delicate and touching. I’m not always a fan of stuff that breaks the 4th Wall, but Fleabag’s swiping comments at the viewer and cheeky smirks are always on point.

You can smash through the 6 episodes in one evening, and I promise, you’ll love it. I really hope we see some more of Fleabag – there needs to be more female -cenctric comedy. This is just perfect.

Watch it on iPlayer here

Our Ex-Wife


Oh my word.. This was wonderful, again, like Fleabag, this draws you in very quickly. This comedy pilot stars Robert Webb, essentially playing a ‘grown up’ Jez from Peep Show. With one marriage over, and a new fiancee on the scene, Webb has to introduce is ex to his intended. As someone who has been divorced, and had to do similar, this is wonderfully observed. Webb’s ex wife Hilary, played by Victoria Hamilton is clearly crazy and despises his happiness with Sara (Melanie Lynskey). The anger and frustration is so accurate and real, and had me laughing for nearly the whole episode.

This is only available on iPlayer for a few more weeks, I REALLY hope it gets a full series, there are SO much that could be done with it.

Watch it on iPlayer here

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