Strange things are afoot at Chessington World of Adventures, overnight, a new visitor has entered the Resort. It’s only a flipping Gruffalo!! The seven foot tall creature is standing proudly on the Wild Wood lawn at the Resort. It’s DEFINITELY a Gruffalo at Chessington – he has the trademark knobbly knees and turned out toes and he’s rocking the poisonous wart on the end of his nose. With guests beginning to speculate about what the new arrival signifies for Chessington.


Tim Harrison-Jones, Divisional Director at Chessington has said –

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce The Gruffalo to Chessington World of Adventures Resort. He’s causing quite a stir with guests already with his imposing character and notable features. Kids and parents alike have been excited to see him appear at Chessington and we can’t wait to reveal yet more Gruffalo news in 2017! Watch this space!”

The Gruffalo at Chessington this morning!
The Gruffalo at Chessington this morning!

Unfortunately, that’s all they’ll tell us about WHY there is a Gruffalo at Chessington right now – the Resort are tight lipped as to why he’s appeared.


With the departure of the Bubbleworks from the park, it doesn’t take a genius to wonder where the Gruffalo might end up taking residence. There’s a very empty building with a river running through it that would be ideal for a ‘deep, dark, wood’!

Watch this space for more news.

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