Toys as fun as they are for children are expensive for parents. Children love to play and can lose interest in toys quickly. And therefore, need new toys to replace old toys. Especially this time of year as children all over the country are already starting to write and prepare their Christmas wish lists.

However, not every toy needs to be bought new. Nowadays we can find cheap and relatively new toys online from websites like eBay. With a little careful consideration, you can find bargains this Christmas. Have a read of my 5 top tips for buying toys on eBay.


1. Safety First

Always think safety first when buying any toy online or offline. If you are buying, for example, a push bike or tricycle check that the toy has working brakes. If it is battery operated, make sure the battery slot is in a place where your child cannot get at them easily. Check the photos for any rough or sharp edges. And only buy from reputable sellers, always check their previous feedback to know what you are dealing with. For example, if you’re looking for the best electric cars for kids then you’re not going to buy from someone with only a few sales and no reviews

2. Age Appropriate

Pay attention to age recommendations, some toys may not be suitable for younger children and could be a potential choking hazard. Choose toys that are both suitable and interesting for your child as I already said children grow out of them quickly.

3. The Classics

Classic toys such as bikes, rocking horses and dolls houses never go out of fashion and will allow you plenty of choices. They will also be easier to sell on or pass on when your child has outgrown them. EBay is full of classic toys such as trucks that are in pristine condition so it’s worth a good browse.

4. The Condition

Always check the condition that the toy is in. The last thing you want to do is buy a new bike for your little one only to find it has no pedals or two punctured wheels. Study the photos supplied by the seller and make sure the toy is clean this is one good indication of what condition the toy is in. You can even filter searches in eBay by condition so if you only want new toys you can search for only these.

5. Getting It Delivered

For heavier items like bikes or rocking horses, the seller may not offer you delivery. If this is the case, you can use websites like Shiply for free quotes from couriers who bid for your delivery.
Once you receive the toy no matter what condition it is in give it a good clean with disinfectant spray before you give it to your little one. Of course, you can also sell your child’s old toys on eBay as well for extra cash.


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