We listen to a lot of music in this house. A lot of it is streamed through Spotify requested by Alexa. Although, I must admit nothing beats the sound of Vinyl on a Turntable. However, Alexa is a little bit easier for Jam Master J to make requests to. He’s a creature of habit, and has built up a bit of a ‘playlist’ of his own.

I thought I share a few favourites of my favourite 4 year old.. I apologise in advance for some of them.

1 – Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men

Yeah, we’ve all shouted this song out whilst a little tipsy. This is his ‘go-to’ song, usually played first thing in the morning, much to my annoyance. It’s not the best song, but it’s as catchy as hell!

2 – Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

A fairly recent addition to his playlist, he prefers this over ‘Castle on the Hill’ out of Ed Sheeran’s comeback single. This has been played a LOT in this house, I can’t help but feel we kept Ed at No. 1 for all those weeks with all the plays!

3 – Sorry – Justin Beiber

I’ve heard this song FAR too many times in my life, not only did Radio 1 play it to death, just as it left the radio, J discovered it. A holla of “Lexa, play the Sorry Song” will fire those opening bars – I can feel my soul dying a tiny bit each time it starts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great song – I’ve just heard it too much!

4 – Hello – Adele

Talking of songs that have been overplayed – along comes Adele. He really loves this song for some reason – he’ll happily belt out the chorus. The rest of the words escape him though! She’s made better songs in my opinion!

5 – Everything is Awesome – Tegan and Sara

This is a staple of most 4 year olds playlists. I think this is the only song J knows EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. to. It’s annoying, and catchy, but quite a fun song – probably one of my favourites on this list. Even for a grumpy sod like me!

6 – Boys – Sabrina

Yeah, this one is a bit leftfield for a 4 year old. His Mum has this on a CD in her car, and for some reason – it’s absorbed into his subconscious. Whilst the video is fairly ‘nipply’, it’s a classic pop song, and ideal for littlies as it’s VERY repetitive!


7 – Shout Out to my Ex – Little Mix

Whilst perhaps not completely lyrically suitable for small ears in places, the verses seem to rush by. Building up to the annoyingly catchy chorus where he sings ‘SHOUT OUT TO MY EGGS!!’. It’s not my favourite Little Mix song, but it’s certainly not a bad tune.

So – there we go, a look into the music choices of a 4 year old. It’s not very high brow, but he’s got a fantastic ear for catchy, annoying pop!

What’s on the playlist of your small person?

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