I was elated when G was FINALLY big enough to lose her high backed booster seat. Due to her size, it was later than most of her peers – and it made her feel more ‘grown up’ to just be on a booster seat. J is actually now big enough to sit on a booster seat – he’s well past the age of 3 and the 15kg minimum.

He won’t be though.

Research has shown children are much more likely to survive in an accident in a high backed booster, than just a regular booster seat.

Wasn’t there a ‘Bin the Booster’ change in December?

The law was due to change in December 2016 to stop children under the age of 12, who are less than 125cm tall, and weigh less than 22kg from traveling in anything other than a high backed booster seat.

As of the 1st March, the law has now officially changed.

Despite the change it law, it will only apply to new purchases. You could still happily use an old booster seat for your child.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Because accidents do happen, I couldn’t think how upset I’d be if either of my two weren’t as safe and secure as I could make them in the car. I don’t drive anything flash, but it DOES have a 5-Star NCAP Rating. J’s high backed booster didn’t cost me hundreds of pounds – but it scores well in tests, and he’s always super comfy in it. Whilst a high backed booster might be seen as a bit ‘babyish’, I’d rather a child moaning than have them hurt.

There are a myriad of high backed boosters available, and whilst a standard ‘booster seat’ can be found for as little as a tenner. I’d rather pay a little bit more for a back, some comfort, and refinements. Plus most of the newer models of high backed boosters grow with your child, and can be adjusted accordingly. I’ve found two MaxiCosi seats – both of which are suitable up until the age of 12. One is a lower cost, and the other, a higher cost – with a few extra refinements.

Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP

The Maxi-Cosi Rodi XP car seat is adjustable in both height and width, ensuring your child remains safe and comfortable as they grow. The belt installed Rodi XP offers excellent protection in side-impact collisions thanks to the Side Protection System (SPS) and is lightweight and compatible with most cars for a quick and easy transfer from one car to the other.

This seat is good if you’re transferring across cars, especially if there are no ISOFIX anchors.

The RRP is £99 – Amazon have it for less.




Maxi-Cosi RodiFix AirProtect

What’s AirProtect?! Wellll.. the AirProtect technology is specially designed to provide your child with the best side protection possible, even reducing the risk of head and neck injury by 20%. The one-click ISOFIX installation system and unique belt guide, means installing the RodiFix AirProtect and securing your child is quick and easy. Whether you have ISOFIX fittings, or not.

Additionally, the simultaneous height and width adjustment and 2 recline positions mean your child will always be comfortable and safe as they grow.

The RRP is £180 – Amazon have it for less.


Whilst it’s tempting to let the smaller, and not so small, feel a bit more grown up, it’s not the best idea, especially with car safety. Whether the ‘Bin the Booster’ Law comes in in March, or not, perhaps it’s a good idea to pre-empt it? All the up-to date info on Child car seats and the law can be found here.

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