Ahead of CBeebies Land Hotel’s July opening, Alton Towers Resort has released new ‘flythrough’ videos. These give excited families the very first insight into the UK’s only CBeebies Land Hotel. Which is set to open at Alton Towers Resort this July. I’ve taken these videos, and spliced them together to give a good idea of just how incredible the hotel will be. You can view it on YouTube here.

The ‘fly through’ shows many parts of the hotel including the foyer and entertainment space, In The Night Garden room and the ‘standard’ Bugbies room. With 76 rooms set across four floors, the CBeebies Land Hotel will gives children a fully immersive experience to interact with their favourite CBeebies shows, in an environment that will engage parents too.

Along with the videos, the Resort has also released details of the scale involved in creating the unique Hotel which is designed exclusively for young families.

208 Days of entertainment!

In its first year, guests checking in to CBeebies Land Hotel will enjoy over 5,000 hours of live entertainment, including meet and greets with some of their favourite CBeebies characters and live game shows – the equivalent of 208 full days of non-stop fun, within the vibrant setting of The Musical Meadow.

With the Hotel situated near Alton Towers Resort’s CBeebies Land, ensuring that families can relax in comfort after their day out. For the Hotel’s 76 uniquely designed rooms, Alton Towers has purchased 564 large fluffy pillows, which – if stacked on top of each other – would create a colossal tower taller than the Statue of Liberty.

ALL the Baked Beans!

Guests dining in the brand new Windmill Restaurant over the first 12 months of opening will enjoy over 3 million grams of baked beans – the equivalent weight of seven grand pianos, alongside 140 kilos of fish fingers and 600kg of melons!

“We are delighted to be showcasing not only the first look inside the hotel with our new videos, but also to give guests a real insight into what it takes to create such a unique hotel. Opening a new hotel is always a massive project, and keeping track of the massive numbers involved is very important. With some big names like Postman Pat and Bing joining us, every detail has to be perfect before our first guests arrive. I will be personally checking that each of our 681 lightbulbs and 208 door handles are just right, before giving the Hotel the final green light.” – Janet Gurr, CBeebies Land Hotel Director at Alton Towers Resort

Opening 8th July, CBeebies Land Hotel is uniquely designed for young families to enjoy a short break surrounded by some of their favourite CBeebies characters. With 76 rooms set across four floors, the CBeebies Land Hotel will give kids a chance to fully immerse themselves in some of their favourite TV shows.

34 of the rooms are themed around CBeebies biggest programmes including Postman Pat, Something Special, In The Night Garden, Swashbuckle and Octonauts. You can see inside some of these rooms in the gallery below.

We’ll be there for the opening of the CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers Resort, and we can’t wait to show you it for real!

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