You might have guessed, bloggers do annoy me – my recent ‘burning‘ has decluttered my feed and on the whole I’ve felt less annoyed. As I said to a friend earlier – “if you look at someone’s tweets and the last five at least are scheduled posts – they’re a twat”. Sometimes though, even actively avoiding the tripe, you can’t fail to see something that will annoy you, This gem appeared tonight –

I had to read it several times to let it sink in. Channel Mum are LITERALLY taking the piss.

Pregnancy tests aren’t entertainment. Not even slightly. Let alone for live streaming to an army of strangers! It’s an intimate thing, often giving you the best, or worst news in a matter of minutes. As someone who has felt both extremes of these emotions over a pregnancy test. I can’t possibly understand why anyone would think it’s suitable for live streaming.

Even if the result is positive, who’s to say the pregnancy will continue to be successful? Those faint lines don’t guarantee anything, just that at that point, you’re pregnant. How will Channel Mum follow this up I wonder? Miscarriage announcement – LIVE on Facebook!

I’m not easily shocked or surprised, especially when it comes to the army of bloggers who surround me. Nothing is sacred, everything is for sale, or for show. We’ve had births Live Tweeted, even shown on Facebook / YouTube Live – but now we’re at the opposite end of the timeline. Something so intimate, usually only shared by the two people involved in the pregnancy just splurged on the internet for a bit of publicity.

Why does everything have to be so grand? Made such a big deal of. If you don’t do a twee as fuck pregnancy announcement, or a grand, slickly edited ‘Gender Reveal’, are you even having a baby? However, not even that is enough – we seemingly have to know, before the piss is cold.

Who cares about quietly making your way through the first trimester? Telling as few folk as possible, as to not tempt fate. Hoping, wishing, and praying that the pregnancy will be more than just human chorionic gonadotropin in a wee.

In blogging, though – we don’t care. Nothing is sacred, let’s just stream it. Either way, good for views, ad revenue and figures innit?

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