It’s fair to say that a lot of guys would like to be like James Bond – heck, Scouting for Girls wrote a song about it. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds amazing chasing bad guys across the globe. All whilst wearing the sharpest of suits, packing the latest in tech and being adored by seemingly every woman you meet.

I think, it would be much cooler to be like Marty McFly. DeLoreans are gorgeous cars as they are, but add a flux capacitor and a nuclear reactor to create a time machine. That’s just insane! The cool kids at Chill Money have been looking at the real cost of being like a film star. If I wanted, I could be like Marty McFly and pick up a refurbished DeLorean for upwards of £44,000. Sure, it’s not cheap, but a car made of stainless steel won’t ever rust – it’ll give you years of fun! If you’re feeling ultra flash, you can get a gold plated one for over £300,000

Marty McFly is known for his stellar guitar skills – I’d love to have these. No one can quite bash out ‘Johnny B Goode’ like him. I mean, I can bash out a few notes on a piano, but that’s nowhere near as cool as playing a guitar like you’re ringing a bell!

It would be great to skateboard like Mr McFly too. My skateboard career ended swiftly when I was 7, and whilst standing stationary on my board I flew off and broke my arm. Mum wouldn’t let me go on it again. That said, I’d love to have a go on a hoverboard – whilst the technology isn’t *quite* there yet – I might get to try one in my lifetime. It’d be good to have some skills to try one out with, rather than just fall off.  Even if I’m old and grey when I get to try a Hoverboard, I will never forget – “Hoverboards don’t work on water!”

I think one of the smartest things Marty had are the self fastening Nike trainers – the Nike Air MAGS. You can buy replica versions, from China, for around £100 on eBay. A pair of the ‘real things’ sold at auction for $52,000 last year. So, I might just have to stick with the knock offs!

Whilst it would be fun to live the life of McFly, I think the downside would be having my Mum have a crush on me – that’s just weird!

Take a look at the infographic below to see the ‘real’ cost of being like a silver screen star.

This post is in collaboration with Chill Money!

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