I have a confession, I thought I’d be ashamed in saying this… But, I want to be out and proud.

I *LOVE* Love Island

I started watching it a few weeks ago, I’m not sure why really. My Twitter had blown up each night with scores of #loveisland tweets. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Honestly, to start with, I didn’t really understand it. It was a villa full of folk with bodies of gods and goddesses. They were saying words I didn’t really understand, and trying to cop off with each other. Most of them were fucking idiots too. I couldn’t fathom the hype, it was a bit like Big Brother, without tasks and shopping lists.

However, because there is naff all on during the summer – I watched a few more episodes, and something clicked.

My first assessment was largely correct.

BUT once you fathom who is who, and what they are like – it’s utterly fascinating. It’s watching a nature documentary where the animals can talk. It’s very glossy, slickly edited and facile – weirdly compelling though. I suppose it reminds me of the early series of Big Brother, where there was very little happening. Just people being people. (Probably genital) Warts and all.

It’s essentially lots of young, single people in a villa doing what young, single people in a villa would do.. There’s the incorrigible ‘banter’, bravado, arguments, and fucking. Oh, and smoking – LOTS of smoking. Somehow though, it’s annoyingly watchable. Possibly because the producers like to throw the pussy among the pigeons, and kick the hornet’s nest at the right moment. It’s compelling viewing.

At first the bombastic, sarcastic commentary from Iain Stirling is like nails against a blackboard. However, like the cast of fucking idiots, in time – it grows on you. It’s stupid, facile, and a bit pointless, but I’m fucking hooked on Love Island. It’s very easy to be sneery and snobby about this ITV2 offering, but it’s not claiming to be clever or high brow. It is what it is.

In years gone by my summer viewing used to be all about Big Brother – no more. It’s all about Caroline Flack and her motley crew of beautiful (on the exterior at least) people.

2 thoughts on “One hundred percent my type on paper…

  1. Kate Sutton says:

    I’m so surprised you like this! I thought I’d be reading a post about how everyone that watches it is a twat (like me) … but I’m definitely with you on this one. They’re morons, but it’s fascinating. I haven’t watched BB for years and it does remind me also of old BB where it’s just like watching animals in a zoo – love it!

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