As part of my Red Letter Days Ambassadorship I was invited to try another one of their experiences. I’ve done Cake Decorating, and Indoor Skydiving already – last week I tested the ‘Tiger Tea at Paradise Wildlife Park‘.

I’ve never visited Paradise Wildlife Park before, which is crazy really as it’s just over an hour from home. It’s a great little Wildlife Park / Zoo – there’s a MASSIVE playground area with a real fire engine for kids to clamber over too. It’s got a really nice ‘family’ vibe, which is probably because it’s owned by a family! Despite the family feel, it still has the polish of more ‘corporate owned’ parks. There’s a lot of investment going one, with new enclosures being being built to make sure all the animals have the best care.

The Tiger Tea includes a tour of the enclosures by one of the keepers. Our guide was a chap called Steve who took us around the park, discussing the animals, their background, and a bit of history of the Park. It was really good to have a tour guide. Quite often when you visit a Zoo, you just coo at the animals, maybe read a sign or two, and move on. You get a better feeling for the work Paradise Wildlife Park actually do, and the character traits of the animals. You could also tell from the passionate way that he spoke about his work, he LOVES his job and is proud of the animals and staff looking after them.

The tour finishes at the Tree Tops Cafe where you take the Afternoon Tea. As the name suggests, the café is raised, gives you a gorgeous view overlooking the Tiger enclosure. So as you munch on sandwiches and cake, which there was LOADS of – you can watch the Tigers relaxing in their home. While we were there one of them sat on one of the raised platform right in front of us. It was amazing to be so close to these gorgeous animals.

To give you an idea of how it looks, check out the 360° image below!
[vr url= view=360]

I really enjoyed my Tiger Tea at Paradise Wildlife Park – it felt like special experience having our own little tour, and then tea in the café afterwards. The price of the experience allows you to go off and enjoy the rest of the park after your Afternoon Tea. I’m so glad I was able to visit and take Tea with a Tiger. I’ll definitely be returning to Paradise Wildlife Park with family to explore more of the Zoo and wow them with some of my animal facts from Steve!

Take a look at some of the pictures I got on the day – I’m REALLY pleased with how these turned out.

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This event was organised and paid for by Red Letter Days, all opinions are my own. Apologies to Judith Kerr for ruining her beautiful illustration in my featured image.

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